Beta Psi Epsilon 

Organized for students who dare to believe that they can make their dreams real, Beta Psi Epsilon is your place to shine.​ Beta Psi's Study & Stomp program is your opportunity to get one on one tutoring and college prep access. After the academic is handled, be ready for gaming tournaments and step shows, too. Being smart and lit are just part of the Beta Psi Epsilon Scholars experience!! If you aren't one right now, contact us to become one. Your future is too bright to wait!



Do you want to learn cool stuff about your dream job? Do you want to do special activities that you love but you gotta bring a grownup along? Do you want to game with somebody you can be every time? If so, you need a mentor. BPE can connect you with a kinda cool grownup you can have fun with and learn some cool things, too. Ask a parent to help you get your own mentor. Then call: 630-660-8587



Math, no sweat! Science, you got this! But if you need a little help (or a lot) that's no problem either! Extra help from a BPE tutor is available. We know you can do this! For one on one help or online help, here's how you can reach a BPE tutoring volunteer:  

Email us at

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College Prep


Get connected to a BPE Student Advocate for ACT/ SAT preparation and be ready. Your college search is serious business and our campus tours can help you with this important decision. Make sure you on top of those deadlines for financial aid and college applications. We know a lot is coming at you fast so your BPE Student Advocate is here to help you keep it all on track.